The Top 10 Reasons Dev Teams Can Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

This year on Thanksgiving, as we eat our holiday meals and hopefully get some rest over the long holiday weekend, it’s an opportunity - as developers and engineers - to pause and appreciate (with a tad bit of humor) just how far dev teams have come.

A la David Letterman…the top 10 reasons dev teams can be thankful this Thanksgiving

#10 Working from home/hybrid.

#9 Everyone in the world can now see your screen. You can stop asking.

#8 The robots are one step closer to replacing us. Meanwhile this is fun.

#7 Fewer editor wars, well, unless you use VIM. Plus, most people can exit VIM now.

#6 Community events are F2F again.

#5 You actually did something on one of those domains you’ve been renewing for years.

#4 Dev tools that help you manage your //TODOs.

#3 Stack Overflow

#2 No more knowledge leaks. Swimm playlists can help someone offboard just as nicely as they help them onboard.

#1 You understand the code you wrote two months ago. Continuous Documentation

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Swimm!