Open Position

Frontend Web Dev is looking for a Web Dev to manage our website and app admin.

Here at Swimm, we developed the website inhouse to enable control and ensure security. We decided to serve a completely static site but with the perks of developing with Vue. So we chose NuxtJS. We added a content management layer using Netlify CMS, which is Open Source, and uses Git for tracking content versioning and publishing. We even wrote a post about it!

The Web Dev will own all aspects of the technical decisions regarding architecture, guidelines and more, together with the marketing and core dev team. This position reports to Marketing and will assist the core dev team on admin development for the core product.


  • Significant experience in frontend development
  • Experience in working with reactive frameworks (VUE or React)
  • Proven experience in website management and development
  • Experience in development and integration with Salesforce
  • Brave - as a part of the core team will be faced with a variety of tasks, not only website, and should be happy to tackle challenges.

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