Open Position

Senior Full Stack Developer


At Swimm we believe that all engineers should have a streamlined environment where they can ramp up to any codebase at ease and speed. Therefore, we build Swimm’s continuous documentation platform that solves onboarding and knowledge sharing problems caused by outdated documentation. With Swimm’s Auto-sync algorithm we are making it easy for teams to quickly collaborate, get up to speed and stay in the know anytime and anywhere.

Both Engineers and businesses are extremely important to us and we find true joy and fulfillment when we powerfully helping Dev teams sync with code. We are rapidly growing and inviting you to join us and change the way development happens!

About the job:

Swimm is looking for a Full Stack developer to join Dev team.

We are a Core Team of passionate professionals. Each developer has a significant impact on the product, from suggesting features, to planning and implementing them.

Each of our Core Team members also owns a professional domain.

You'll fit if you...

  • Highly creative problem-solver that is not afraid of research
  • Hands-on with a wide range of software development skills
  • Proven experience in architecture of design systems and components
  • Significant industry experience in software development
  • Wants to be part of a small core team in an early-stage startup
  • Team-player and an impact-oriented person that wants to do good

At Swimm we care a great deal about our company culture. You fit right in if:

  • You really care: You are down-to-earth, friendly and fair.
  • Trust is key: You honor disclosure, integrity and commitment.
  • Boldly drive change: You make waves with courage and curiosity
  • Learning & Growth mindset: You foster agility, personal growth, empathy and trying again.
  • Masters of your own craft: You take pride in trailblazing, excelling and paying it forward.