Version 0.1.3 (July 2020)

In this version we upgraded the Playlists with the ability to add videos and documents. The Swimmer flows are now better and smoother.

  • Playlists have been upgraded, and it is now possible to add videos (Youtube) and local repo documents (*.md)
  • Suggested Units list: after completing a Unit, Swimmers will see a list of suggested units to continue swimming, at the bottom of their screen.
  • We fine-tuned the Unit creation flow and added a mandatory DOD (definition of done) field for a short description of what is expected from the user to complete.
  • We tweaked the ‘Invite Swimmer’ button and ‘Team View’ button, to be more accessible.
Next Version
  • Maintenance Research: investigating solutions for how to keep Units up-to-date with the any local repo changes.
  • Establish the flow of ‘Swimm Start’ in the app (Swimm’s GUI Version).

Full Notes

Other Additions
  • We added the ability for a Swimmer to ‘unsubscribe from a repository’.
  • A new command called ‘swimm install’ was added to allow fast cloning + installation of repositories that contain swimm.
  • When completing a Unit, a short summary will be displayed to the Swimmer.
Other Improvements
  • Playlist View screen - tune-up the user experience of clicking on Units
  • Enable Swimmer to scroll between playlist’s Units (without zooming out)
  • Configuration per repository - not suggesting to push branches
  • Some pages load when they're scrolled down (e.g., Playlist creation screen)
  • Unavailable Units displayed in the ‘Repo View’ as disabled
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a scrolling bug in Safari.
  • Sometimes when initialising, a repo from the ‘Repos View’ would get stuck - this was fixed.
  • Windows installer doesn't uninstall prior version.
  • Chrome doesn't recognize the username on our new version (when suggesting to store password).