Version 0.1.5 (Aug 2020)

In this version we focused on a smoother onboarding experience to the app.

  • There is a new onboarding flow for first-time Swimmers adding a repo
  • Installer will create a shortcut
  • It's now possible to start using Swimm without connecting a specific repo beforehand
  • Improved flow for Unit completion, as part of the playlist flow
  • A shiny facelift for the Playlist and Unit card
Next Version
  • Fleshing out the Playlist onboarding flow for first-time users
  • Brand new look to the Workspace screen where you can view all of the repositories you are swimming
  • We are adding links to Open Source projects that you can Swimm for Free

Full Notes

Other Additions
  • Added configuration: show_swimm_files_automatically
Other Improvements
  • Unit/ Playlist author is now displayed
  • Improved `swimm files` experience / output
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed counters are no longer reactive to live changes