Version 0.1.6 (Aug 2020)

In this version we enabled using Swimm without synching a specific repository first. We also added a section for Open Source and a new Playlist introducing Swimm to first-time users (Getting Started with Swimm).

  • Getting Started with Swimm Playlist
  • "My Swimm" - Where you can view all repositories
  • Add an author to Units
  • Open Source Section, suggests available Playlists for Open Source Projects
  • Added an outro-step to help conclude Playlists
  • Added an 'edit' button to the Unit/Playlist Viewer
  • 'Editing' Playlists is now available only to mentors or Swimmers who solved the Unit
  • Upgraded our support system with Intercom in the app
Next Version
  • A Guided Unit Creation experience
  • Drag & drop for re-ordering Playlist elements

Full Notes

Other Additions
  • New logo for Windows Installer
  • We implemented the new commitMessage optional argument
  • Added support for embedding in a Playlist
Other Improvements
  • Upgraded back button behavior
  • Clarified what the unavailable Units and Playlist are on the Workspace page
Bug Fixes
  • Adding a description to a Unit is now no longer `*required`
  • We will no longer see cases where some files have a zero-diff solution and some don't
  • Safari UI fix (one of the loaders appeared on the top of the page)