Version 0.1.7 (August 2020)

In this version we focused on a robust guided flow of creating a new Unit.

  • Upload image to any markdown - Paste an image file to upload
  • Unavailable or deprecated Units, are now visible in the UI
  • Faster loading time of the "Repo View"
  • New and improved Unit creation flow, guided with suggestions and instructions
  • You can now drag and drop steps in a Playlist to change the order
Next Version
  • An extended knowledge base and more help docs
  • CLI check for updates

Full Notes

Other Additions
  • Check out the new icons in the Playlist view
Other Improvements
  • Shiny animation for the "Repos View"
  • Clicking on a different (inactive repo) in the UI, will get you to work on that repo
  • Self-guiding and prompting hints for empty Units or Playlists
Bug Fixes
  • Public Playlists by Swimm, will not appear under "My Repos", If a user did not install it
  • If there are no Units in the repo, If a Playlists exist it will show