Version 0.1.9 (September 2020)

In this version we focused on enhancing the app performance, making several key improvements.

  • Our new docs and Knowledge Base are easily accessible with a click of a brand new button within the app
  • You can now switch between repositories on "My Swimm" page, especially useful when navigating different codebases.
  • You can now also edit specific Units from within a Playlist
  • We streamlined the flow of a playing Unit. For example, saving while playing a Unit is no longer possible.
  • Swimming at speed - we're loading much faster.
Next Version
  • R&D preparations for the launch of the complete Self Serve 0.2.0 version

Full Notes

Other Improvements
  • Hover mode for unavailable orĀ deprecated units.
  • When configs get the error: "Your git is not properly configured!", you will now be able to see the reason
  • When in an already existing git repo, the Swimm install command will cancel.
Bug Fixes
  • We fixed our Playlist layout and wrapped lines will no longer break words in the middle.
  • You'll now be able to view full screen a youtube video within a Playlist, also in LinkResolver
  • "Invite new swimmer" button animation fix
  • Bitbucket icon did not show consistently, and now it will.