Version 0.2.6 (Nov 2020)

Introducing the File Search Feature - In this version we are making the Snippet Studio substantially easier to use.

  • New: Search for files in the Snippet Studio.
  • Docs now support links to local .md files.
  • Commands update: swimm files command is now part of swimm hint.

Full Notes

Other Additions
    Other Improvements
    • We changed the icon when removing an element from a playlist to a minus sign (instead of its sequential number).
    • A recently added Snippet from the studio will now read "snippet mode" and not "Diff mode"
    • Swimm fast: Reduced loading time :)
    • Integrated spell checker in the text boxes, no more typos.
    • You will now see the repo logo in your nav bar.
    • Now showing local absolute path of repo when hovering repo name in tree.
    • Visibility: Either a hint, comment or test field should be always visible
    Bug Fixes
    • Navbar breadcrumbs back button behaviour.
    • When a resource (.md file, doc) is not available in a playlist don't allow to "mark read".
    • The markdown viewer doesn't render Underline design.
    • After deleting a doc, the screen is blank at times.