Version 0.2.9 (Dec 2020)

We are pleased to present our latest and greatest improvements and features as we wrap up our third major version.

  • The unit creation flow has received a major update, from focusing on hands-on units to now enabling the easy creation of in-depth walkthroughs.
  • Pin a Playlist ability will allow securing a playlist at the top so that it's seen first (useful for welcome Playlists and orientation)
  • Introducing the creation of a unit directly from a commit in the UI.
  • Upvoting will now be available in Swimm, show your support by liking Units, Playlists and Plans.
  • The 'Share' button is here and will enable extracting and sharing links to Swimm resources such as specific Units or Playlists.
  • The Snippet studio received some updates, and you can now add multiple snippets without leaving the studio.
Next Version
  • Coming soon: It's time to work on the infrastructure of our app to be able to deliver better performance and stability :)

Full Notes

Other Additions
  • Users can now unsubscribe from a workspace.
  • You can now delete a snippet without fear (introducing 'undo').
  • It's now possible to add a link button in the markdown editor.
  • We have added a new search field to help find Units when creating Playlists.
  • With the a new save button functionality, you will be able to save a Unit without a commit.
Other Improvements
  • A unit creator will be able to delete an unavailable Unit.
  • The command swimm verify will no longer block a walkthrough Unit that is outdated.
  • Walkthrough Units will now open directly in the walkthrough mode.
  • We improved the Tree Search results in the Snippet Studio to show folders first.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed - Selecting a hint it will not drag it.