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Growing a Dev Team without the Growth Pains

A Case Study: Introducing a training tool for a startup in hyper growth.

The Challenge

Remote engineer onboarding during Covid 19.

About Medigate

Innovating in Health Care Security and Medical Analytics Leading IoT solution for device security in Healthcare. Medigate recently raised 30M in series B.


New training program

Remote hires onboarded smoothly

20 tutorials

We now have a ready-to-use structured training program for future onboardees

Swimm was extremely useful for us when we were onboarding remotely at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. It was especially helpful to us in walking our engineers through the code hands on, showing patterns and demonstrating a complex edge case. We now have a ready-to-use structured training program for future onboardees.

Team Lead @ Medigate

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Swimm helps developers collaborate and contribute.

Early adopters, design partners and open source maintainers have successfully implemented Swimm to demystify their codebases and accelerate onboarding.

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Get New Trainers Onboard

A Case Study: Open source security tool by Guardicore looks to onboard new contributors.

The Challenge

Onboarding new contributors to the Open Source project.

About Infection Monkey

Infection Monkey by Guardicore is an open source Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tool that assesses the resiliency of private and public cloud environments to post-breach attacks and lateral movement.


300+ devs impacted

4 Playlists

Coverage for major areas of the codebase

Documentation is great but the problem was that it wasn’t good enough

We came across Swimm and noticed they support Open Source. We created tutorials covering major areas of the repository: Post Breach Actions, Configuration, Adding a PBA in 5 Simple Steps, and System Info Collector. After going through these, when contributors start making pull requests they are able to avoid major pitfalls.

Shay Nehmad
Contributor @ Infection Monkey

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