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Swimm for Hyper-Growth Companies

Sync Teams with Code

Launch your own internal bootcamp with Swimm's Snippet Studio, to sync new hires with walkthroughs or hands-on tasks and demonstrate patterns and logic.

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Accelerate Onboarding, Ship Code Faster

Get it right from the very start by streamlining knowledge, preventing legacy code and easily onboarding new hires. Use Swimm to create smart tutorials, documentation and onboarding plans that remain up-to-date even when your code changes. No adoption time needed. Start creating tutorials from PR's and commits while you work.

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What you can do with Swimm

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“When a new hires arrive, everything is ready and up-to-date."

Swimm's auto-sync feature is super helpful in an agile young environment like ours, where the codebase changes very quickly. We "move fast and break things" but Swimm stays up to date (or lets us know that our documentation has gone stale).

// Shay Nehmad, VP R&D, stealth mode startup



We're stack agnostic and speak all languages


No information regarding your code is ever sent to Swimm's servers.

All operating systems

Download beta for Mac, Windows, Linux

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Building up R&D Knowledge, and Keeping it Maintained

Swimm’s platform streamlines code-coupled content (documents, walkthroughs and guides) into the CI/CD , and keeps it up to date with a unique Auto-sync algorithm. That way, tribal knowledge and documentation stays with the source code, fresh and up to date every time code evolves. Swimm will tell you if a document, guide or tutorial is up-to-date, outdated or automatically suggest updates for you to review.

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Integrated into your IDE and CI/CD

Swimm starts building up team knowledge from your PR's and commits, and keeps it maintained in seconds. This helps reduce tribal knowledge, dependencies on other teams and individuals and remove needless delays during onboarding and training, freeing up engineers to spend more time developing and improving code.

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Getting Started with Swimm

Swimm acts as an add-on to any codebase and is accessible locally to all its contributors. Add Swimm to your repo to start creating tutorials and documentation.

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