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Start managing a codebase that can scale.

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Growth-Mode Without Compromising Agility

Get it right from the very start by streamlining knowledge, preventing legacy code and easily onboarding new hires. Use Swimm to create smart tutorials, documentation and onboarding plans that remain up-to-date even when your code changes. No adoption time needed. Start creating tutorials from PR's and commits while you work.

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What you can do with Swimm

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“ Working with Swimm from day one makes us think about how readable and teachable our young codebase is.

Swimm's auto-sync feature is super helpful in an agile young environment like ours, where the codebase changes very quickly. We "move fast and break things" but Swimm stays up to date (or lets us know that our documentation has gone stale).

Shay Nehmad, VP R&D, stealth mode startup

Swimm Specs


We're stack agnostic and speak all languages

All operating systems

Download beta for Mac, Windows, Linux


Admins can sync repo’s and invite new contributors to collaborate and create content


No information regarding your code is ever sent to Swimm's servers.


Launch Swimm directly in your CLI. Advanced Swimmers can also switch to the Web platform.

CI and Local Git Hooks

Swimm notifications for when content is outdated.

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Do you qualify?

  • ✓ Have up to 25 developers on your team
  • ✓ Have raised at least $250K
  • ✓ You are a new customer
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What’s included for 12 months

Everything you’ll need to easily manage documentation and onboarding in your first year.

Swimm Unlimited
Swimm Unlimited
  • Access to all of the Swimm features, no limitations.
10 Users
10 Users
  • The free program is up to 10 users. 11-25 users get a discounted rate.
Ongoing Support
Ongoing Support
  • We will help you get started and build a modular onboarding plan to grow with your team.
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“We now have a ready-to-use structured training program for future onboardees

We can walk our engineers through the code hands on, showing patterns and complex edge cases.

Ori, Team Lead

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