Sync Teams with code

Sync Teams with code
Never let onboarding, knowledge silos, or context switching slow you down. Use Swimm to create and edit docs that are coupled with your code, auto-synced, and integrated into your workflow.
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R&D teams worldwide use Swimm to keep in sync with the code

Improve collaboration: align your team, docs and code.

Swimm's language agnostic editor, paired with its Smart Tokens and Snippet Studio is the foundation for modern documentation. Build great media-rich docs coupled with the code.

Improve speed: auto-synced docs keep everyone always up to date.

Swimm's Auto-sync algorithm, helps your documentation stay in sync through refactoring and reorganization. You don't have to worry about changing file names, function names, or your implementation - Swimm will be able to keep up with it. Swimm checks your docs as your code evolves, and notifies you if your changes affect your documentation.

Improve accessibility: find docs when you need them, in your IDE.

Access docs right next to the code they refer to. Stay in your IDE and your flow. When you click on a link, your IDE will open a new tab with the documentation perfectly rendered from Markdown. You can then kick off a split window, and read the documentation side-by-side with the code you're working on.

Improve flows: standardize docs across multiple repositories

Designed for devs and built for teams, Playlists are a collection of documents that update content from multiple repositories including images, videos, Markdown files, and links - especially useful for onboarding new developers and facilitating easy and quick collaboration.

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