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Keep Your Dev Team In Sync With Code

Never let onboarding, outdated documents, or project switching slow you down. Use Swimm to create docs that are coupled with your code, auto-synced, and integrated into your workflow.

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Streamline Documentation to Ship Code Faster.

Cover multiple repositories, create auto-syncable documents and keep knowledge aligned with your code.

  • Create smart documents and tutorials directly from your repository
  • Find which files and folders have corresponding documentation
  • Docs stay up-to-date every time you push code
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Protect your codebase from knowledge leaks.

Whether switching between teams or onboarding remotely, teams use Swimm to understand code and share tribal knowledge.

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Accelerate Onboarding

Sync new hires with walkthroughs or hands-on tasks to demonstrate patterns and logic. Create tailored onboarding plans per team or a specific new hire.

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What it means to Swimm

Docs Optimized for Code

Quickly create and share dynamic documents focusing on code patterns and logic flows. Swimm will make sure your code snippets, files and folders are up to date.

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Hands on Learning

Create curated guides and exercises that help devs understand a code base quickly and hands-on

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Build learning paths

Line tutorials up into a Swimm Playlist to create a learning process. Easily integrate links and existing content.

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Multiple repositories

Create a tailored onboarding plan per team, and showcase patterns and logic across several repositories.

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Smart Architecture

Add notes and explanations on high-level structure as well as to folders and files.

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Integrate Swimm into your CI Workflow

Swimm’s auto-sync technology verifies your docs are automatically synced with your code as it changes. Swimm will tell you if a tutorial is up-to-date, outdated or automatically suggest updates for you to review.

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"Swimm was extremely useful for Medigate when we were onboarding remotely

"At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, we used Swimm to walk our engineers through the code hands-on, showing patterns and demonstrating a complex edge case. We now have a ready-to-use training program at hand." // Ori, Team Lead

Made for Developers

Access unlimited complimentary tutorials contributed by the community.

2 Playlists 16 Units
Learn SQL Alchemy from the bottom up as you try to earn your dream job at Rock Em' Socks! Musical emporium.
1 Playlists 6 Units
Learn how to create a "to-do list" using Vue and Supabase. Start by clicking the command below to copy to clipboard.
4 Playlists 6 Units
The infection monkey is an open source Breach and Attack simulation tool. Learn how to start contributing.
Python Best Practices
2 Playlists 56 Units
Deepen your Python skills by learning how to use standard patterns and tricks, and write Pythonic code.
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Swimm for Open Source

We love open source. That's why Swimm is free for maintainers and core contributors who want to encourage contributions and knowledge sharing in the community.