Documentation Platform Built for Engineers

Setup in just 5-minutes and give your engineering teams usable, discoverable, and auto-syncing documentation in their workflow.

Swimm is SOC2 compliant and works with some of the fastest growing dev teams in the world

Generate and Discover Docs in Seconds

Quick setup and you can start creating code-walkthroughs and docs from your PRs, from snippets in your code, or from Swimm’s templates, using Swimm’s language agnostic editor, smart tokens and snippet studio.

Integrate Documentation in Your CI

Use our GitHub App integration, to enable Swimm’s auto-sync algorithm to keep documentation always up to date through refactoring and reorganization - as the code evolves. When docs are out of date, Swimm keeps you notified. Note, currently Swimm supports Github only.

Access Documentation Right Next to the Code

Use our integration with VS Code and IntelliJ to access docs right in the flow and in your code. It’s easy to find and read documents in your IDE - Swimm Docs are in Markdown!

Make Onboarding A Breeze

Invest in your new team members, give them a rapid ramp up by building up your collections of code-coupled docs across multiple repos with Swimm’s Playlists.

We're Here to Help

Ask us about pricing, security, implementation or anything else. Swimm's dev team is here to help you get started.

Connect Swimm to GitHub, your IDE and CI

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Create docs as you code, create tutorials & playlists

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Access up to date docs in your development workflow

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