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Getting started with internal
  • 5 users
  • 1 private repository
  • 30 verification tests
Enterprise-grade features for organizations
looking to document at any scale
  • Unlimited repositories
  • Unlimited verification tests
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • Publish Swimm docs on other platforms
  • Automated documentation maintenance
  • Advanced security & controls
  • SSO
Small teams
390 per month
Annual billing discount 10% OFF
  • Unlimited repos
  • Admin controls
  • 100 verification tests per month

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Small teams


Swimm documents

Create documents that are integrated with code and accessible to your entire organization




Number of repositories

The number of private repositories you can connect depends on your plan




Verification tests

Verification tests determine whether pull requests have an impact on existing docs. If a change is identified, Auto-sync is activated.





Swimm’s patented technology automatically keeps docs up to date with routine code changes via your CI.

Code-coupled editor

Create Markdown documentation containing live code, diagrams, charts, and more.

Self-hosted Git support

Work with Swimm with a self hosted Git, like GitHub Enterprise Server, GitLab Server, etc.

Automatic doc approval

Automatically accept Auto-sync changes via pull request

Sharing & collaboration


Small teams



Quickly find relevant docs with custom tags.





A collection of documents, links, videos, Markdown files, and images stored as a Playlist collection in a particular order.


Create folders to organize docs.

3rd party doc publishing

Publish docs to the platforms (Backstage, Compass, internal websites) you already use so that they remain up to date and available across your org

Admin & security


Small teams


SOC 2 Type II

Our commitment to your confidentiality, privacy, and security.

ISO 27001 certification

Standard for the management of information security.

Admin controls

Share Admins can connect repositories, install our GitHub app & invite additional members with users that don’t have access to your repositories.


Log in with your SAML.



Small teams



In-depth training to help you make the most of Swimm.




Self-serve knowledge base

Explore our documentation, articles, and tutorials on everything you need to know

Online customer community

Interact with and learn from other Swimm users and documentation enthusiasts

Dedicated Slack channel

Direct engagement over Slack with your dedicated success team and the devs building Swimm.

Dedicated success team

Experts dedicated to helping your team make the most of Swimm.

Custom terms of service

Tailored agreements to serve your business needs.

White glove service

Personalized, comprehensive support and training for effective documentation practices.

Plugins & integrations


Small teams


CI integrations

Documentation stays up to date with the pace of development

IDE plugin

Create, maintain, and discover documentation in the IDE. Available for VS Code and JetBrains.

Custom integrations

Connect Swimm to the tools that are already a part of your workflow.


Still have questions? Get in touch

Is Swimm open source or is it free for public open source projects?
Swimm’s source code is not open source. However, we do believe in and support open-source projects which is why we’ve committed to keeping Swimm free for open source projects and repositories. If you’re looking into Swimm for your open-source projects, we’d love to chat with you at
What happens when I hit my user limit?
Look for the upgrade option under “Billing and Plans” in the Swimm app. If you’re having any trouble, please get in touch with us on our community Slack Channel or at
Who is the Small Teams tier for?
Early-stage startups and small dev teams (up to 25 developers).
Who is the Free tier for?
Very small dev teams, individual projects, open-source projects, and those who want to try Swimm out before starting a formal trial.
I’m from a large organization, what does the procurement process look like?
Typically, we recommend getting in touch with the Swimm sales team to conduct a guided trial that can help build a valid business case for teams to bring to their leadership and decision-makers. Your dedicated account representative will partner with you to navigate your specific procurement process, which can vary across organizations. In our experience, procurement processes generally include a security, legal, and pricing review that involve multiple stakeholders within your organization.
What happens when I hit my Verify test limit?
Swimm goes over all of your documentation to search for outdated documents and fix most of them for you. We count each time one of these tests finds a document that is not up to date. If you hit your monthly limit, we will still notify you about having outdated documentation, but may not keep it up to date for you or pinpoint where it is. Look for the upgrade option under “Billing and Plans” in your app. If you’re having any problems, please contact us on our Community Slack Channel or at Note that you will never lose access to docs you’ve created as they are stored as part of your repositories.
How does Swimm secure my data?
Swimm prioritizes security, never storing your code on its servers, only saving metadata. Data transfer and storage are encrypted on Google Cloud Platform. Code access is limited to those with GitHub permission, and while Swimm processes code snippets for suggestions, does not copy your code. GitHub tokens aren’t stored on Swimm’s servers, but are rather secured client-side – and unique, non-stored tokens are generated for each action.
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