Capture developer
knowledge at any scale

Make internal documentation a seamless part of developer workflows giving them the information they need – when and where they need it.

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Documentation your team will trust (and use)
Out of date documentation is the #1 reason documentation efforts fail. Swimm syncs your live code to documents, capturing every change and enforcing updates as part of your CI process.
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End context switching to find answers
Developers discover docs by looking at the code in their IDE. Proactively surface best practices with Doc Rules.
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Make it seamless with AI
Create documentation directly from snippets or pull requests. Use AI to improve readability and build Doc Rules.
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Cut onboarding time in half
Swimm playlists and Doc Rules make onboarding a breeze for new projects, developers, and vendors.
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Create code docs

Use AI to generate doc outlines and help generate explanations of your code.

Find docs on time

Let code docs find your team, not the other way around, with Swimm’s IDE plugin.

Sync docs with code

Ensure all code references in existing documentation are updated as your code changes.
In Swimm In the IDE
In Swimm In the IDE
In Swimm In the IDE

Everyone loves getting the answers they need

Shai Almog
Shai Almog
Developer Advocate
So @RabbiGreenberg and I were talking to young founders @WeAreDevs over lunch. They ask about software documentation and without coordination both Ben and I say
Zach Case
Zach Case
Senior Frontend Developer @ Fulfilld
Anyone who has worked in the Software Development field knows how tedious keeping your documentation around code up-to-date can be. The line I hear repeated no matter where I am is: “The moment you write documentation for your code it is out-of-date”. With Swimm, that remark is now emphatically untrue!
David Mytton
David Mytton
Founder @ from @swimm_io really does solve the documentation / code drift problem. plus all your docs stay in your code repo where they belong. Keeping docs up to date with code changes is a good habit to get into.
Shai Y
Shai Y
Senior Software Engineer @ Melio
The process of writing documentation has become so much more effective
Alex Pulver
Alex Pulver
Principal Solutions Architect @ AWS
Truly an amazing developer documentation experience
Rivhard M
Richard M
CTO & Advisor
The main pain point of documentation is keeping it updated as your code changes. Swimm solves that beautifully. I’ll never go back to the old ways!
Jörn B
Backend Engineer @ Schüttflix
This was indeed one of the most unexpected and interesting plugins for IDE’s in a long time. Well thought out how to solve daily problems. Swimm is still at the beginning of the journey, I’m excited to see where it goes. Great work! Documentation close to the code, where it should be.
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