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New CI integration: Swimm for Azure DevOps Services
Oct 5, 23 2 min read

Azure DevOps is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure. Known for being a…

Gen AI
Surviving the transition to microservices
Sep 21, 23 4 min read

Choosing to transition from a monolithic structure to a microservices architecture is a significant…

Announcing our latest integration with Bitbucket
Sep 14, 23 2 min read

As software systems become increasingly complex, understanding code functionality, context, and business logic has…

Gen AI
LLMs and the Pitfalls of “Memorization Traps”
Sep 12, 23 4 min read

Large Language Models (LLMs) have garnered attention due to their remarkable abilities to produce…

Swimm + Gitlab
Docs as part of your CI: Swimm for GitLab
Aug 17, 23 2 min read

We built Swimm because we believe that dev teams deserve up-to-date and high-quality documentation…

Swimm Chat GPT
Gen AI
Understanding the Relationship Between LLMs and Negation
Aug 15, 23 6 min read

Negation has always been a challenge in the world of language. From toddlers to…

Gen AI
Designing AI-Powered Content Suggestions for Tech Documentation
Aug 8, 23 5 min read

Last few weeks, we successfully launched the beta version of our AI features on…

Engineering Your Feedback — Providing Effective Developer Feedback
Aug 3, 23 11 min read

This is a practical post for engineering and conveying effective professional feedback. We use it internally…

Swimm AI Beta: 4 use cases that redefine code documentation
Jul 25, 23 4 min read

Swimm AI Beta: 4 use cases that redefine code documentation The introduction of Swimm…

Gen AI
Unraveling the Patterns and Key Elements of AI Tools
Jul 18, 23 5 min read

The year 2023 marked a notable rise in the availability and adoption of AI…

Gen AI
Will internal documentation be replaced? An AI discussion
Jul 12, 23 7 min read

Generative AI and ChatGPT have created a lot of buzz lately, sparking discussions about…

Making a Splash: Swimm’s New Generative AI Software Documentation Capabilities 
Jul 11, 23 7 min read

One significant difference we’ve noticed between the “systems of prediction” AI-like image classification and…