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The enterprise documentation platform

Make accurate developer documentation a frictionless part of your development process. Speed up feature development and code reviews. Reduce MTTR, regressions, and downtime.

Built for developers
Eliminate 90% of the documentation toil for developers
Integrate into your CI
100% up to date documents enforced as part of your existing processes
Complete doc coverage
Backfill documentation of your legacy code

Enterprise complexity requires well-documented code to deploy changes faster

Writing docs takes time
Developers don’t invest in documentation because it’s time-consuming to create
Documents become stale
Updating documentation in tools not built for developers is burdensome and rarely done
Documentation initiatives fail
Making documentation part of the engineering culture is hard without the right tools and incentives
Embedded in the CI

Documentation in the CI

Simplify documentation by generating documents from Pull Requests. Alert or block merges when documentation goes out-of-date.

Improve document quality

Improve document quality

Eliminate 90% of documentation work. Developers only need to add business and internal technical knowledge to complete docs.

Auto-generate documentation

Auto-generate documentation

Backfill your documentation gaps with auto-generated overview documents that explain core building blocks including elements, dependencies, and structures across files.

Answers on demand with AI

Answers on demand with AI

Immediately answer ad hoc questions that developers get stuck on, even in the absence of existing documentation. Create documents directly from results, or tag teammates to add context, bridging internal knowledge gaps to continuously improve AI results.

Create culture of documentation

Create a culture of documentation

Make documentation a seamless part of the developer experience, fostering a culture of sustainable knowledge sharing.

Join other Fortune 500 companies in ending documentation toil

Built for enterprise

Code and content never leaves your network. Also available as on premise. Swimm is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.
Swimm smoothly scales to thousands of developers and tens of millions of lines of code.
Support & services
Dedicated enterprise support and implementation teams.