Ramp-up to any codebase at super speed

Walk through code with your team and build dynamic tutorials to onboard, document and share your knowledge on any repository.

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Swimm with your team, unlock any repo

Ramping-up to new repositories is a time-consuming task for engineers. Swimm helps contributors navigate new codebases, onboard new hires, or easily contribute to Open Source projects at speed.

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Highlight what contributors need to see in the repository to get started.

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Foster a guided step-by-step approach to code exploration.

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Consolidate documentation to save time spent on chat threads or old wikis.

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Navigate new repos at ease and speed

Swimm acts as an add-on to any codebase and is accessible locally to all its contributors. Swimm units can be used to learn or demonstrate hands-on how code areas connect, show patterns or issues, without affecting the repo.

  • Connect your repo
  • Quickly create interactive units
  • Share with other contributors
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Accelerate Team Onboarding

Empower new team members to learn by doing and use Swimm’s Team View on Swimm’s web platform to visualize progress, provide feedback and increase collaboration.


  • Make onboarding to the point
  • A seamless experience for remote hires
  • Optimize on time-to-value
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Maximize Knowledge Sharing

Swimm users can continuously contribute to team documentation and utilize Swimm as a Knowledge Center. Team members can add:

  • New tutorials on different repositories
  • Steps to existing tutorials
  • PRs, videos and documents
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Time to Shine. Get your team up to speed.

Swimm is a tool for teams of any size. working anywhere. with any coding language. Our dedicated support team will help you set up for success.

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