Move knowledge fast. Develop faster.

All your engineering knowledge — available in the IDE, integrated with code, and automatically updated.

Documentation in the IDE

Create and find internal code docs in the IDE that are kept up to date automatically.

Integrate code into your docs

Document complex flows spanning multiple files and repos with rich content that interacts directly with the code and automatically updates as your code changes.

Trust your docs

Swimm's patented AI automatically validates and updates docs as part of your developers' CI workflow — fixing simple errors automatically and alerting them about significant changes.

Integrate with your favorite IDEs & CI/CD

Swimm seamlessly integrates into your developer workflows, allowing you to manage developer knowledge and docs directly in the IDE and within the CI/CD pipeline.

Built for engineering leaders

Move fast with engineering changes
Quickly realign teams across the organization around infrastructure, API, or architectural changes.
Open development bottlenecks
Integrate teams more effectively
Improve engineering efficiency & quality
Build a culture of documentation
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case study
Security Badge

Security is our top priority

We're SOC 2 and ISO27001 compliant, and use GitHub OAuth for Git RBAC. No code
or doc is ever saved on Swimm's servers, nor is any code modified by Swimm.

Read our Security Overview or request the SOC 2 Type II Report:

Stop using the wrong tools to document code