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Easily write internal notes and docs about your code. We’ll keep them up to date. Your team will find them exactly when they need them.

Swimm is SOC 2 compliant and works with some of the fastest growing dev teams in the world

Easy to create

Write quick notes or thorough explanations with code snippets, and describe processes, flows, interactions, “how to” docs, and more. Swimm helps you with templates, guidance, and suggestions. Docs are saved as .md files in your repo.

Easy to maintain

We’ll keep your documentation up to date automatically, scanning and making changes for you with each Pull/Merge request. We’ll alert you only when significant changes affect your docs or notes.

Easy to find

Your team will find docs or notes next to relevant code on their IDEs or on GitHub. Define exactly when they should appear using simple Regex, or just let us decide.
Secure by Design

Documentation is saved on your repo, and Swimm is SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant.

Read the Security Overview or request the SOC 2 Type II Report.


We're Here to Help

Ask us about pricing, security, implementation or anything else. Swimm's dev team is here to help you get started.

Connect Swimm to GitHub, your IDE and CI

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Create docs as you code, create tutorials & playlists

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Access up to date docs in your development workflow

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