Better docs make better dev teams

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We're building Swimm to help developers continuously get things done.
Tools for documenting code. By devs, for devs.
That's Swimm. Code explained by the people who use it.

Our Values

We celebrate collaboration, take pride in trailblazing, and appreciate there is always a new codebase to explore.

Down to Earth

We strive to be approachable, friendly, and fair

Trust is key

We honor transparency, integrity, and commitment

Boldly Driving Change

We believe in making waves with courage and impact

Professionals In Our Craft

We take pride in trailblazing, excelling, mentoring, and paying it forward

Learning & Growth Mindset

We foster personal and professional growth, agility, and teamwork

Our Story

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A Mission for Developers

4 friends, Swimm’s co-founders, set out on a mission, determined to make use of their combined technical training to help developers ramp-up to any codebase independently. Swimm was born out of the notion that engineers should be given the tools to swim, rather than thrown into the deep-end when being onboarded. Swimm gives engineers and dev teams peace of mind, with accurate and timely docs that are in sync with the code.
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Our Leadership

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Our Investors

Swimm is proudly backed by Insight Partners, Pitango Venture Capital, Dawn Capital, TAU Ventures, Fundfire, Axon Venture Capital and our Angel investors.
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Life at Swimm

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