Each of our 50 repositories represents each service. And all of them are connected to each other in various ways. And right now, Swimm really helps us connect all these different pieces together to tell an end-to-end story.

Peleg Dvir, Senior Software Engineer at Authomize


Authomize continuously monitors organizations’ identities, access privileges, assets, and activities to secure all apps and cloud services.


Finding a documentation platform for Authomize teams working across countries to facilitate collaboration and improve the development workflow. Documentation was also not a part of the culture at Authomize, and it generally fell to the bottom of everyone’s to-do list. This became untenable when their dev team grew to 20+ individuals.

The solution:

Authomize began working with Swimm in the summer of 2021 to help reduce the time and effort involved in document creation.

Since we’ve installed Swimm, our developers have become open to the culture of documentation. Creating documentation has become enjoyable – even fun, I may say.

Bipal Shakya, Software Engineer at Authomize

The results:

Creating a reliable knowledge base including documentation that developers can trust, with a better understanding of Authomize’s codebase.