Struggling with fragmented and outdated documentation

The developers at Fulfilld ship code fast and these frequent code changes fostered a belief among the team that documentation is not a valuable investment of time. This sentiment stemmed from the belief that such documentation would either just go out of date right away or simply get lost. When documentation did exist, it was scattered across platforms like Confluence and JIRA, or buried in code comments throughout their multiple repositories. This not only discouraged the team from producing documentation but also impacted the efficiency and quality of the development workflow.

The introduction of Swimm marked a turning point. Swimm’s IDE plugin now alerts Fulfilld’s developers to relevant documentation linked to specific code lines and Auto-sync further ensures that the documentation stays up to date as code changes, instilling confidence in its accuracy and relevancy. 

From the ease of document management in the IDE and the GitHub app, our developers have easy access and insight to the state of all of our various repos’ documentation.

Zach Case, Senior Front-End Developer

The need for a tool that guides devs – old & new – through code 

Before Swimm, the lack of relevant documentation meant that onboarding new developers was an intensive, full-time process. The team lacked a single, reliable resource that would guide them efficiently through the codebase. This challenge extended to existing developers too. There was no direct way they could get up to speed with unfamiliar areas of the codebase. This meant that they were often relying on their peers for assistance, diverting valuable time and resources.

Swimm has significantly enhanced our understanding of the impact of code changes, often revealing that changes have a more substantial effect than we initially thought.

Zach Case, Senior Front-End Developer

Swimm’s developer-first approach made all the difference. Access to up to date and comprehensive documentation has become integral to maintaining the collective knowledge base, enabling team members to quickly understand the codebase’s nuances. This capability has significantly improved the effectiveness and cohesion of the team’s efforts, enhancing the overall developer experience.

Documentation used to be a chore. Now it’s a seamless part of the development flow.

Now with Swimm, the dev team at Fulfilld has created a culture of documentation and actively maintain their documentation, leading to better code clarity and understanding. The ability to instantly access up-to-date information on the codebase fosters a collaborative environment where developers are empowered to make effective contributions without any hassle. Swimm has enabled Fulfilld to maintain a high-quality codebase and enhance the developer experience through efficient and integrated documentation practices.

Documentation used to feel like it wasn’t up to speed with the pace of development. Having Swimm be made specifically for developers has been a complete game changer when it comes to documentation.

Zach Case, Senior Front-End Developer