Based in Toronto, Canada, Riskfuel was founded in 2019 to solve the unique challenges faced by finance teams today. Using Riskfuel’s proprietary software, banks and insurance companies can accelerate their existing quantitative models, enabling real-time risk management for complex derivatives at a fraction of their current costs.

Swimm streamlines code documentation, linking the code and making it very convenient. This has been critical for ensuring internal docs around the ecosystem stay updated.

Jordan Weir, Senior Software Engineer Riskfuel


Getting the growing Riskfuel’s team effectively onboarded – up and running to work productively in their ecosystem. With so many teams bringing different expertise to the same projects, Riskfuel struggled to keep everyone up to speed, and they could never trust that they were getting the most up to date code documentation.

The solution:

Swimm has made it easy for Riskfuel’s team to both organize and speed up onboarding while also ensuring that all documentation around the ecosystem always stays updated.

Swimm has been critical for ensuring internal docs around the ecosystem stay updated. As a 20-person company, no one wants to play the role of code archivist. Swimm automates that task to keep things running smoothly.

Jordan, Senior Software Engineer, Riskfuel

The results:

Faster onboarding, better processes, and searchable repositories. Riskfuel’s team reports that Swimm has helped them streamline code-coupled documentation to keep their docs updated in real time. The impact has been transformative.

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