It’s a huge win discovering documentation. Being able to see the docs through the extension completely shifted the way people find things. We can find things in the normal flow with zero disruption.

Jack Yiu, Lead Software Engineer at StackAdapt


Toronto-based StackAdapt is a revolutionary advertising platform used by digital marketers worldwide. The platform combines artificial intelligence with user-friendly design to create a positive experience for the many marketers who now rely on it. The solution’s self-serve model makes it easy for marketers to create campaigns that work.


Organizing StackAdapt’s documentation by creating an easy-to-use knowledge base that updates in real-time.

Trusting documentation was a concern for StackAdapt’s teams before Swimm; documentation was always outdated, and engineers would question whether even to bother to review it.

The solution:

With Swimm, StackAdapt’s engineering team has boosted productivity and improved the onboarding experience.

Having higher-quality documentation has been a productivity boost, and this is paying off now as people are contributing to projects that were created after Swimm was introduced.

Jack, Lead Software Engineer at SlackAdapt

The results:

Seamless and quick onboarding, building up engineering team knowledge, and quick discovery of documentation next to the code.

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