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Accurate answers require context

GitHub Copilot Business gives general answers to developer questions because it draws its context solely from the code editor. GitHub Copilot Enterprise promises more context-aware conversations with an additional layer of customization using your own repositories. But Copilot’s ‌context is still limited to your code, and code alone cannot tell the whole story.

With Swimm, all organizational knowledge sources are contextualized to provide highly accurate answers.

Comparing GitHub
Copilot and Swimm

Swimm and GitHub Copilot are different types of AI Code Assistants, so they aren’t directly comparable. Below are some key differences between the two.
GitHub Copilot
GitHub Copilot
/ask Swimm
Primary usage Code completion Code completion Code understanding
Code analysis

for context
Relies only on open tabs from code editor Deep source code analysis

Knowledge capture Captures developer knowledge 
& feedback to improve over time
Documentation generation Description of the code’s functionality in isolation Description of the code’s functionality in isolation Automatically creates full documents across the codebase
Audits & certifications Copilot is not currently included in GitHub’s certifications Copilot is not currently included in GitHub’s certifications SOC 2 and ISO27001
Git hosting Github Enterprise Cloud Github, Gitlab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket
Pricing $19 per user / month $39 per user / month $28 per user / month

Swimm provides the missing
context GitHub Copilot needs

Contextual knowledge base that is always up-to-date

Swimm analyzes your organizational knowledge using advanced AI techniques and builds a cross-repository, code-coupled knowledge base that updates automatically as code changes and new knowledge is added.

It’s even possible to benefit from this contextual data on other AI tools—like GitHub Copilot.

the full story from multiple sources

Github only indexes code, while Swimm indexes data from a variety of sources, including code repositories, documentation files, and enterprise tools, as well as extracts developer knowledge.

It gets better
as more context 
is added

Copilot’s context doesn’t improve over time. When Swimm doesn’t know something, it prompts developers to fill in knowledge gaps and provide more context for answers.

The Swimm Engine uses this knowledge as a source of accurate information to enhance all future answers.

Documenting your most important information

Because Swimm is contextualized across all organizational knowledge, developers are motivated to document what’s important.

Using Swimm’s documentation tools and AI writing assistance, developers can easily create code-coupled documents that update automatically.

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