Plans & Pricing

Choose the right lane for your project or team.
Start with a small project and try out Swimm with your team.
1 private repo
User limit - 15
Unlimited Swimm docs
Scale collaboration across multiple teams and repositories.
Everything in Free Plan
Unlimited private repos
Teams of all sizes
Multi Repo Documentation

Early Stage startups, grow your team with Swimm and get your discount here.

Beta Pricing This pricing is for early users. Swimm is still in beta and pricing is subject to change.
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Free Forever For All Open Source Projects

Use Swimm on your open source projects! Document with unlimited public repos and collaborate with contributors around the world.

Compare Plans

$0 Per Month / User
$29 Per Month / User
Auto Sync
Breeze through updating outdated documentation with Swimm’s patented autosync algorithm
CI integration
Keep your documentation synced whenever the code changes
IDE plugin
See and access documentation linked to your code from your IDE with no context switch
Smart Text
Integrate code tokens and file paths into your text that will remain synced
Create structured documentation to explain complex flows and processes
Markdown documents
Swimm documentation is saved as Markdown inside your own repo, for safety, convenience and easy access
The number of private repositories you can link to Swimm depends on your plan


What is the right plan for my team?
If your team is working with private repositories, and you’re not sure which plan to start with, start with the free plan. Create content, plug Swimm into your CI and install the IDE plugins. Once you see the value you get from code-coupled documentation, it will be easier to choose. If you’re working with open source repos, go ahead and use the free tier, Swimm will remain free and unlimited for these projects.
What features does the Free plan include?
Use this plan to get started with Swimm and appreciate its impact. Create content, plug Swimm into your CI and install the IDE plugins. Up to 15 users can access your account to keep documentation up-to-date as they change the relevant code. You can link up to 1 private repository in this plan.
What features does the Pro plan include?
On top of the free plan features, this plan also includes a multi-repo solution for your documentation - Add as many repos as you need to your Workspace and create playlists that include docs and links from different repos. You are also not limited in user number.
Is Swimm Open Source or is it Free for public Open Source Projects?
Swimm’s source code is not open source. However, we do believe in and support open source projects, which is why we’ve committed to keeping Swimm free for open source repositories.
What happens when I hit my users limit?
Look for the upgrade option under Billing and Plans in your app. If you’re having any trouble, please contact us on our community Slack channel or at info@swimm.io.
Will pricing change?
Swimm may change the pricing model occasionally. If it does, changes will be in effect only in the beginning of the following time frame (month/year/etc.), and we will notify our customers about them . Please see our Service Agreement for more details.