How Swimm works

Streamline internal code documentation and share developer knowledge across teams and repositories.
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Easy to create

Powerful code-coupled editor

Use Swimm's slash editor commands to create and edit your docs quickly. Interact directly with the code and collaborate with your team in real-time.
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Editor's key features

Markdown and version control

Live code snippets from all your repos

Auto-updating Smart Tokens for classes

Auto-updating Smart Paths for files and folders

Mermaid syntax for diagrams and charts

Easy to maintain

Auto-sync & Git checks

Swimm automatically verifies that all docs are synced with your code on every PR. Swimm triggers automated updates for simple code changes and notifies you that docs are out of date when the changes are substantial.
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Auto-sync key features

In-IDE verification

GitHub App

CI integrations

Local Git hooks

Easy to find

IDE integration

Find code documentation exactly when you need it - right inside your IDE with our plugins. When you browse code that has relevant docs - we will get you the right info so you can find it without switching back and forth between your docs and code.
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IDE integration key features

JetBrains IDE plugin

VS Code IDE plugin

Browse all docs in repo

Integrated into your CI/CD

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Loved by engineering leaders

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Yoav Alon

“Employees gain independence as well as competency, and they have Swimm to turn to.”

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Omer Gull
Senior Security Researcher

“Now we can go through docs that took hours, in minutes. Not to mention it is more engaging.”

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Barak Drechsler
Engineering Manager

“We needed to find a solution that would help us quickly start documenting our knowledge and then optimize it in the future.”

Stop using the wrong tools to document code