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Coming to Swimm from Stack Overflow, Tim helped build the beginnings of developer relations at Swimm. As Director of community strategy at Stack Overflow, Tim discovered, developed, and managed special projects that were designed to drive both user and business engagement.
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How to use Swimm code documentation templates cover image
How to use Swimm code documentation templates
Jan 17, 22 3 min read

Learn about Swimm's code documentation templates to help you create and edit docs that...

Accelerate your documentation creation: Swimm release notes roundup cover image
Accelerate your documentation creation: Swimm release notes roundup
Jan 12, 22 3 min read

Check out Swimm’s roundup post of release notes including dark mode, Auto-sync, starting a...

How does Swimm’s Auto-sync feature work? cover image
How does Swimm’s Auto-sync feature work?
Dec 30, 21 8 min read

Code refactoring shouldn’t mean engineers do work that computers can easily do. Learn how...

Swimm universal Playlists - as code coupling for Continuous Documentation cover image
Swimm universal playlists – as code coupling for continuous documentation
Dec 15, 21 5 min read

Learn more about Swimm Playlists and why it's one of the most frequently mentioned...

Continuous Documentation
Continuous Documentation through continuous integration with Swimm
Oct 12, 21 7 min read

Continuous integration is a practice that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster,...

Documentation Editor
Advanced documentation editor: how to create code-coupled docs in seconds
Sep 30, 21 3 min read

Swimm’s Fluid Documentation Editor helps you keep your inner dev loop running quickly and...

Swimm IDE Plugins
Swimm’s IDE plugins brings knowledge to your engineers in time
Sep 30, 21 2 min read

Swimm’s IDE plugins help engineers find the right amount of information exactly when they...

Documentation Strategies
The four main documentation strategies explained
Sep 23, 21 6 min read

The ways that documentation is created stem from a combination of four main documentation...

Microservices Architecture Guide
Microservices architecture guide: four things to consider prior to migration
Sep 23, 21 8 min read

Microservice architecture can help you solve real problems for your users much more rapidly...

Person working at a desk with many tasks to focus on
Documentation strategies for busy people
Aug 23, 21 6 min read

Whether you don't have time, or just hate writing, we've got some ideas that...

Pathway in the woods
Accessible & discoverable knowledge promotes inclusive teams
Jul 19, 21 11 min read

Don't rely on situational circumstances to convey essential knowledge to new hires. Make the...

Animation showing Swimm exported markdown documentation rendering just-in-time in an IntelliJ IDE
Swimm + IntelliJ – announcing the dynamic documentation duo
Jul 12, 21 2 min read

Swimm now supports the consumption of Swimm-created documentation within any IntelliJ IDE.