Dear Swimm community,

Since day one, our mission at Swimm has been to empower developers with tools that make all code easy to understand. What started as an onboarding tool quickly evolved into a documentation platform – and today, I’m thrilled to share the launch of /ask, an AI assistant that answers questions using the unique context of your codebase. 

This is an exciting day for all of us at Swimm. This launch represents our transformation from a documentation platform to an AI-first company that is pioneering the way developers interact with and understand code.

Code doesn’t always explain itself. Yes, there are functions that are straightforward. But nine times out of ten, when code is written, there is logic and reasoning behind why things were done a certain way. This knowledge will always be a critical resource for developers, regardless if they wrote the code themselves or if it was generated using AI.

In fact, knowledge about code becomes even more mission critical as more code is generated with AI. The shift in the way code is being written means that the need to understand code becomes even more important for engineering organizations. We’re not just tackling these complexities; we’re redefining how developers everywhere interact with code and AI.

It turns out that code-coupled documentation, meaning internal documents containing live snippets of code, is the context LLMs need to truly understand the nuances of your codebase. In fact, you could say it’s the missing piece of the puzzle. When code-coupled docs are fed to the Swimm AI engine, they provide the crucial context that /ask needs.

The release of /ask Swimm is our most significant move towards empowering developers with the knowledge they need to unleash their creative potential and do what they do best: build software. Our unique technology and engine harness our extensive experience and understanding of code knowledge and documentation, combined with powerful GenAI capabilities, providing day 1 value to developers with zero effort on their part. This winning combination is what truly sets Swimm apart from the rest.

To read more about /ask Swimm and all of its functionalities, check out this blog post.