We just announced news of our remarkable series A funding round – $27.6M!

It’s been a very busy, exciting, and productive two years for us as we’ve watched Swimm’s rapid growth and widespread adoption. And, it’s a wonderful moment to also share that we’ve launched Swimm’s open beta, granting free access to our platform.

Needless to say, this is a huge milestone for us; here are some of the highlights of this journey…

Swimm team funding round

Building Swimm

Co-founders Omer Rosenbaum, Tom Ahi Dror, Gilad Navot and I understood that collaboration amongst dev and engineering teams was severely flawed. Swimm was born out of the notion that engineers should be given the tools to swim, rather than thrown into the deep-end when being onboarded.

We’re now on a mission to redefine developers’ relationship with documentation, transforming it from a tedious task that requires heavy investment and rarely pays off, into a seamless part of the CI process – boosting productivity.

With Continuous Documentation, Swimm is helping teams walk through code together, ensuring that every dev experience includes code-coupled docs that are always up to date and created when the knowledge is fresh. It’s a game-changer because it enables developers to understand code and quickly contribute to the team, making coding more inclusive in the process.

Swimm product

About the round

The round was led by New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, with participation from Dawn Capital, alongside existing seed investors Pitango First and TAU Ventures.

Lonne Jaffe, Managing Director at Insight Partners shares, “Swimm’s rapid growth and widespread adoption by small startups and high growth ScaleUps alike is a testament to the extraordinary value customers are getting from their highly differentiated product. Swimm has created a new category — continuous documentation — that addresses a productivity and collaboration pain point that has existed for software developers for decades, and then goes beyond. Swimm is a rocket ship, and we‘re excited to be on board.”

Thank you to the Swimm community

Swimm champions, investors, documentation enthusiasts and early adopters – my sincerest thanks for your continuous support. You are shaping the future of how developers collaborate, and we are so appreciative to each of you. This round makes it possible for Swimm to scale our solution and this vision. We have shifted to a self-serve web app, and are continuing to work on plugins and integrations – bringing Swimm into your CI and IDE, all while improving the auto-sync technology to make the editor experience that much better.

Growing the next phase of Swimm

Our team is expanding and growing. If you are passionate about making the lives better for developers, check out our open roles here.

Dive in with Swimm

Cheers to what we’ve accomplished over the past two years together, and what’s coming up next. Kudos to all of us, and here’s to an amazing 2022!

Oren Toledano, Co-Founder & CEO