About Hunters

Hunters is a cyber security startup of 70 employees. Their company culture is open, approachable and innovative. Currently one of the key goals of the company is to scale.

“We want to improve our detection machine so it can work at enterprise scale.”

About Omer Gull – Senior Security Researcher at Hunters

Omer Gull has been with Hunters for two and a half years. Prior to his current role, Omer was a Security Researcher at Checkpoint.

“I always liked tearing things apart and seeing how they work. That’s how I got into this area!”

How does Hunters use Swimm

Hunters mainly uses Swimm for developer onboarding and bringing new developers into different features of their product.

“In order to onboard new developers, we use Swimm documents and playlists – this replaced a bunch of videos we had previously and it’s much better this way! Previously developer onboarding meant a developer watching a 4 hour Zoom recording. The recording would get outdated really quickly due to the fact that as a startup, our infrastructure moves fast. And just sitting through a 4 hour Zoom meeting is not really the best way to invest someone’s time. Now with Swimm documents, we can go through things that took hours, in minutes. Not to mention it is more engaging. The aim is to get to a place where we’ll be able to develop a new feature and publish it to everyone with Swimm. This way new feature building and scaling will be frictionless.”

Views on documentation

“I have a love-hate relationship with documentation. As a researcher I spent a lot of time reading others’ documents and I really appreciate it when it is top-quality, however, many times it is stale and subpar… A really big part of our current objective is scaling up so I need to produce code with documentation in order for the team to leverage it. Documentation helps me empower everyone with what I just created.”

What does Swimm solve for them

“Swimm for us, is solving a challenge all similar organizations face but is never prioritized and therefore never solved.”

Documentation is really important but not urgent. Hunters use Swimm in order to bridge the gap of resolving an important issue that was never prioritized before and would never have been. The issue of having documentation that is up to date and clear so that changes in development teams such as growing the team or bringing new members to the team does not mean additional work to neither of the sides: neither the developer joining trying to understand a code; nor, the developers going back and checking all documentation to get them to be up to date.

“Tools, workflows are lacking without Swimm. Everyone appreciates good documentation, just creating and maintaining them is impossible.”

Secondly, due to the nature of the business at Hunters, the teams that build the logic and the features need to communicate. And Swimm is a good interface between teams. This way these different teams don’t have to sync as often as their code is synced with the documentation.

Finally, retrieving information using Swimm is really efficient

“Consumption of documentation is so convenient! You don’t need to remember to look for it.  Self serve, don’t even need to ask someone for it.”

Everything is in one place all together. There is only a single source of truth which is code, and everything around it is synced to it. Prior to Swimm, it used to be a challenge to understand whether there is documentation for a specific part of the code and if yes, where to find it.

“With Swimm it’s all so easily accessible. We don’t experience the frustration of looking for something that is written somewhere and we don’t know where to find it.”

What they love about Swimm

  1. The Swimm team

“I love the people we work with! Not only are you really responsive but you are also really receptive to feedback. It really shows that you’re trying to build a community.”

  1. Smart text which is a feature that autocompletes and updates with the code. “It’s just amazing!”

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Omer Gull for sharing these insights with us. Below is a short paragraph about the Hunters, for more information make sure to check their website.

Hunters was founded in late 2018 with a clear vision to transform security operations. Its leading Open Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution helps organizations detect, investigate and respond to threats with confidence, while making the general security operation more efficient.

The company has headquarters in Tel Aviv and in Boston, and is rapidly expanding. Today it has over 70 employees distributed in various locations.

“Our threat detection engine needs to work at enterprise scale, so having solutions in place that support that constant expansion and ever-growing stream of data is crucial”.

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