It’s September 2019, and 4 co-founders met with a bunch of lawyers, signed a few papers, and a few days later on September 18th, Swimm was born!

Like with any newborn, the first years are full with happiness and dopamine, but they are also very challenging. You hardly sleep, there are constant feedings, and painful growth spurts, baby is still not great at neither walking or running.

During this period we have hired an amazing team that keeps astonishing us with how much commitment, love and care they bring to this idea of Swimm. During these 2 years we’ve built an incredible product, learned from our users, made corrections… and we are still at the beginning of a long journey, so just like a baby – we are slowly walking, falling, laughing, sometime crying, but we are growing and we are here to stay.

2 years in – like a toddler, we are now reaching the age of reason, it’s this moment when we are able to discern right from wrong for us, when we learn to differentiate ourselves from others, when we build our own identity. This third upcoming year is going to be the year of knowledge, during which we will know who we really are, we will learn to run and to jump and dare to execute more adventurous steps, some we can’t even imagine yet.

Hopefully we made the right investments in this mutual child of ours: picked the right people, selected strong values. Hopefully we are also acting according to them, giving the right example to our peers and to new comers. Hopefully, together, we are able to blaze a new path for an exciting future for software development.

I wouldn’t chose any one else for this journey than this existing team, thank you for being a part of our lives (speaking here for all the founders) and for believing in us, and most importantly in yourselves!

Happy 2 year anniversary!

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