We’re channeling our inner David Letterman and are happy to share the 2022 edition of:

The top 10 reasons dev teams can be thankful this Thanksgiving

#10 Dall-E for making all memes and gifs on Slack so much better.

#9 Large external monitors. You don’t have to ask.

#8 Name tags! 2022 in-person dev conferences were the best.

#7 NASDAQ for adding spice to our lives and roadmap.

#6 Your favorite dev tools for making you look so good at work.

#5 The new developer you onboarded didn’t ask you “how to” questions once an hour, and used a Documentation Playlist instead.

#4 Every coffee bean consumed this year. Caffeine. Coffee. Caffeine.

#3 Your go-to code reviewer who nails the funniest yet helpful comments.

#2 Open source.

#1 You can find your documentation, and it’s actually up to date. Swimm

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Swimm!

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