The Ultimate Tech Podcasts from our R&D Team to Yours

We developers often need more than just raw caffeine to really get into the zone. Podcasts let you start stretching your mental muscles while you meet the day and prepare for it; they’re like putting an extra shot in your cup. Or, dev podcasts can be something you listen to while you wind down, with a comfy relaxing beverage as an exercise to taper down from engineering mode on your way to do life things. Morning or night, they might just be the missing accompaniment that you’ve been looking for.

Our R&D team recently internally shared some exceptional podcasts that cover a large variety of topics surrounding software engineering - not everything we need to keep up on is necessarily technical. If you’re looking to up your lunchtime conversation, even if that means finally starting to have some, we think you’ll appreciate this list!

Tech Podcasts for Ramping Up Your Skill Set

First and foremost, our developers listen to podcasts to become better developers and engineers. The technologies they learn about and the problems they discover how to solve can be implemented in their daily work. Here are their top podcasts for doing so:

1. Front End Happy Hour

Launched in 2016, Front End Happy Hour is a podcast that hosts speakers from Silicon Valley companies for a casual conversation on a variety of topics. From test engineering to website optimization to serverless, the Front End Happy Hour podcast provides engineers with valuable information that can be useful for their day to day tasks.

In addition, this technology podcast also covers ecosystem culture, discussing management styles, remote work, technical book writing, and more. This makes it a good source of information for answering many developer needs.

2. Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily is a podcast that covers almost only deep tech content. With a new episode released daily, this technological podcast covers a lot of ground, including topics in the realms of cloud engineering, open source, data and blockchain. In addition to recorded sessions, you can also follow and read the episodes’ transcript, if you want to delve deep into a topic, or if you’re a text person.

Not sure where to start? You can choose a category you’re interested in, follow the greatest hits list, or just sign up for their newsletter and let the episodes come to you.

Tech Podcasts for Helping You Work Better

Our developers like to build their hard skills, but they’re not shy about building up their soft skills, either. In addition to the Front End Happy Hour podcast from before, our developers also like to listen to:

3. This Developer’s Life

This Developer’s Life is a technical podcast that talks about non-technical issues developers deal with, from learning to hobbies to failures to risk-taking. It also talks about the impact of engineering cultures on developers, and how it can affect their self-esteem, wellbeing and social ties. According to our developer colleague who chose it as his favorite podcast, it “captures the unique perspective of developer personalities in the context of talking about issues that all humans face.” You can find the episodes here.

4. Soft Skills Engineering

“It takes more than great code to be a great engineer” states the Soft Skills Engineering website, and we couldn’t agree more. This weekly advice podcast covers issues like pay raises, hiring and firing, leadership, learning, promotions, quitting, etiquette, and more, which every engineer faces at some point in time and can relate to.

Tech Podcasts for Your Soul

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. No wonder our developers also recommend podcasts that are interesting and entertaining for them, well, just because.

5. The Tech Guy

The Tech Guy is a bi-weekly podcast that discusses day-to-day implementations of technology, from smartphones to wifi to space. Follow it to stay up-to-date on news, trends, security and privacy issues and recent technological developments.

6. Making History (Osim Historia)

This Hebrew podcast is an entertaining collection of popular science stories made accessible through anecdotes, down-to-earth explanations and high-quality content. One of the most popular podcasts in Israel, Osim Historia has developed sub-podcasts, covering science, medicine, politics, families, relationships and more. One of its best sub-podcasts is “The Answer”,  which provides answers to seemingly banal questions, like “Why isn’t there a microwave for cooling things down?” and “Did dinosaurs have feathers?”


That’s it! We hope you find this list of six podcasts useful and interesting, and that you enjoy them as much as our engineers did! Do you also have some favorite technology podcasts you’d like to share? Message us and let us know, because we’re always looking for new and interesting ones!

Before we go, we’re happy to add one more podcast to your list. Very soon, we will be launching our very own Swimm podcast. In the episodes, we will be discussing topics relevant for developers' day-to-day, and we know you’re into gaining knowledge, so we’ve made it our mission to curate really good content on knowledge sharing, code documentation, change management, scaling dev teams and more.

We’re gonna have awesome guests on the show, with really interesting insights, stories, and… coffee tips. So stay tuned and watch for the SWIMM UPSTREAM PODCAST.

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