With the start of the new year, software developer conferences are beginning to surface. Many events offer virtual options, but many of them are happening face to face.

If you’re wondering how we came up with the list, it was no easy task because the number of conferences being planned for developers and R&D teams has grown, particularly over the last couple of years. But it was important for us to choose conferences that were a combination of face-to-face meetings and online. We also picked conferences that were a mix of generic and specialized community-based events. We wanted to be sure to highlight conferences across the globe, with a particular focus on developers in the Americas and Europe. 

We know that you’ve got to get organized to attend conferences like these early on in the year – especially if you’re making travel plans. So have a look at this list here. Our team shortlisted 17 conferences that are definitely on our radar here at Swimm for 2023, with a quick summary of highlights and speakers planned.

1 – NDC London

January 23-27, London

The Queen Elizabeth II Center is hosting NDC London this year. Participants will get exclusive access to 12 workshops (Python, Microservices, DevOps, and more) and around 115 conference sessions (JavaScript, Agile, Embedded, Big Data, Serverless, .NET, Design, Artificial Intelligence, Docker, IoT, and Architecture). The list of speakers includes Adrienne Braganza Tacke (Senior Developer Advocate, Cisco), Alyssa Nicoll (Sr. Developer Advocate at Progress and Angular Google Developer Expert), Callum Whyte (.NET Developer, Microsoft MVP), Hila Fish (Senior DevOps Engineer, Wix.com), and Jo Franchetti (DevRel, Spotify).

2 – VUEJS Amsterdam

February 9-10, Amsterdam

The first Vue.js conference was held in 2018 and was an instant success due to the presence of Evan You, the creator of Vue. This year’s event is going to be no different, with over 1200 attendees from around 50 countries expected to create a productive and positive experience for everyone involved. Speakers this year include Matias Capeletto, Anthony Fu, Christopher Quadflieg, Haoqun Jiang, and Shun Yokoyama.

3 – LeadDev

March 14-15, New York

LeadDev is considered one of the most major technical leadership events of the year. A popular conference for engineering managers and executives, LeadDev’s two-day event is great for networking and getting practical advice with other leaders in top leaders including with David Yee (VP of Engineering, The New York Times), Lena Reinhard (Engineering Leadership & Executive Coach), Carol Lee (Senior Research Scientist, Pluralsight Flow), Polina Giralt (Staff Engineer, Squarespace), Matthias Gruter (Engineering Lead, Computer & Networking, Spotify), Mike McQuaid (Principal Engineer, GitHub), and David Fowler (Partner Software Architect, Microsoft).

4 – StaffPlus

March 16, New York

The StaffPlus software developer conference will follow LeadDev this year, including a series of lectures for CTOs and team leads are planned emphasizing senior individual contributors (ICs), their role in development ecosystems, and how they can influence scale by taking on new leadership skills. Top leaders will speak including Tanya Reilly (Principal Software Engineer, Squarespace), Patrick Shields (Stripe), Joy Ebertz (Principal Software Engineer, Split.io), Vic Vijayakumar (Principal Engineer, Twilio), Izar Tarandach (Datadog), and Maude Lemaire (Senior Staff Engineer, Slack).

5 – PyCon US

April 19-27, Salt Lake City and Online

US-based Python professionals, this is PyCon US’s 20th anniversary celebration at the Salt Palace Convention Center this spring. The agenda is pretty comprehensive. The first couple of days will feature exclusive talks and tutorials. This will be followed by the main conference, after which all participants can join a job fair and take part in real-time sprints – an actual end-to-end experience.

6 – React Miami

April 20-23, Miami Beach

React Miami will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center with lectures on full-stack development, machine learning, and user experience (UI/UX). Connecting the global React dev community with the local MiamiTech ecosystem, many speakers are planned, including Ryan Magoon (Senior Staff Engineer, Paypal), Una Kravets (Staff Developer Relations Engineer, Google), and Rizel Scarlett (Developer Advocate, GitHub).

7 – International JavaScript Conference

April 24-27, London and Online

iJS London is a four-day-long hybrid event this year, helping participants network with the JavaScript community, learn about the latest developments, and participate in a power workshop with live on-prem coding to assess where they currently stand. The speaker lineup includes Misko Hevery (Builder.io), Matthias Stahl (DER SPIEGEL), and Ryan Carniato (SolidJS).

8 – DeveloperWeek Europe

April 26-27, Online event

With over 3000 participants expected this year, DeveloperWeek Europe has conference tracks for topics like AI & Machine Learning, JavaScript, DevOps & Security, API & Microservices, and Containers & Kubernetes, to name a few. You’ll also get the chance to participate in a virtual hackathon that attracts over 300+ participants.

We also recommend checking out the other DeveloperWeek global events in 2023:

  • DeveloperWeek Global Management, May 9-10
  • DeveloperWeek Global Cloud, August 16-17
  • DeveloperWeek Enterprise, November 15-16

9 – Open Source Summit

May 10-12, Vancouver, Canada

Open Source Summit is a conference umbrella for many events – LinuxCon, CloudOpen, ContainerCon, Embedded IoT Summit, and more. It’s a highly recommended event for open source developers, technology leaders, freelancers, and decision-makers to share information and promote innovation.

10 – LeadDev

June 27-28, London, England

LeadDev will reach London in early June, helping executives understand key metrics and create sustainable growth strategies, including nurturing team culture and elevating developer happiness. The speaker lineup includes James Stanier (Director of Engineering, Shopify), Daniel Korn (Director of Engineering, Lemonade), Rafia Kilian (Lead Full Stack Software Engineer, NASA JPL), and Winter Wei (Senior UX Manager, Shopify).

11 – WeAreDevelopers

July 27-28, Berlin, Germany

WeAreDevelopers is planning two intensive days, with over 200 speakers and around 5000 participants – and is one of Europe’s biggest software developer conferences every year. This mega-event is aimed primarily at software developers. DevOps engineers, QA professionals, product owners, UI/UX experts, security specialists, and all kinds of decision-makers. There are tracks and talks for everyone!

Joel Spolsky, the Founder of Stack Overflow, Trello, Glitch & HASH shares that WeAreDevelopers is his favorite conference, and the best event to go to if you are a developer.

12 – React Summit

June 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re a frontend or full stack developer working exclusively with React, this event for all things React is expected to feature two tracks with over 60 speakers this year, including Christopher Chedeau (Facebook), Christoph Nakazawa (Stripe), and Joban Singh (Microsoft). There will also be an online-only event on June 6. 

13 – DevLearn

October 25-27, Las Vegas

DevLearn is always an astounding success, with thousands of software developers absorbing insights about the latest trends and developments from industry leaders. The 2023 edition, held at The Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip, is expected to be no different. Over the next couple of months, visit the website to see the complete speaker list and sign up for the conference.  

14 – KubeCon

November 6-9, Chicago

KubeCon, hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, has easily become one of the most significant software developer events in the United States. This year’s event is sponsored by Intel, AWS, and PrismaCloud, which means that we can expect dozens of insightful lectures and unlimited networking opportunities. The list of speakers will be announced over the coming months.

15 – TechBash

November 7-10, Pennsylvania

TechBash will be returning to Poconos in 2023 and hundreds of software engineers are expected to be in attendance. This three-day conference will focus on topics such as DevOps, Cloud, Architecture, Soft Skills, and more. The organizers have also planned an optional fourth day with workshops. Stay tuned to learn more about the speakers. 

16 – Web Summit 2023

November 13-16, Lisbon, Portugal

With pre-registration already open, Web Summit 2023 is shaping up to be one of the biggest software developer conferences again. Hundreds of software engineers, DevOps professionals, and IT experts from around the world are expected to attend this event. This year should be equally promising. Watch the Web Summit 2023 here.

17 – ArchConf Central

December 11-14, Clearwater and Online

Quality over quantity is the ArchConf Chicago motto, with physical attendance limited to a maximum of 350 developers only at Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater, FL. All tickets will also include no less than ten virtual workshop credits. The [workshop list](https://dev.events/conferences/arch-conf-central-chicago-5-2022) is quite extensive including Kubernetes, Microservices, AWS, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning. Attendees will get to hear from speakers including Rohit Bhardwaj (Salesforce), Daniel Hinojosa (Independent Consultant), and Alexander von Zitzewitz (Founder and Managing Director, Hello2morrow). 

Bottom line

This year is no different from other years in terms of more software developer conferences than you could ever imagine or have the time to attend! Time is forever the factor that forces us to pick and choose, but we’re starting to block out time on our calendars.

I encourage you to take the time to check out Swimm to see how Continuous Documentation can become a part of your dev team’s workflow – to create documentation that is coupled to the code itself, Auto-synced, and always up to date.

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