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All your teams’ knowledge, right in their IDE.

Create Edit Doc
Generate documentation
Generate doc structures with AI and get a head start without worrying about a blank page. Use /generate to add descriptions to code snippets or diagrams within existing docs.
Collaborate Update Doc
Collaborate & keep docs up to date
Know when changes to code affect your docs and keep them up to date as part of your workflow, even before pushing changes. Our AI provides update suggestions based on code changes.
Discover Browse Doc
Discover & browse documentation
Navigate and understand your codebase more efficiently. Easily find docs that appear next to relevant code across different repositories, directly in your IDE.
Setup Doc Rules
Setup documentation discoverability rules
Construct and automate rules to make sure critical knowledge is visible before making major changes to the teams codebase.
Switch Off icon
Switch off
context switching
Discover and create internal docs without disrupting your workflow or switching to a separate tool.
Ship Code icon
Ship code
Document and share information about your code base – even those that few people know.
Doc Cult icon
Build a culture of
Make it easy for your team to create and maintain quality docs so the entire team can be more independent.