We built Swimm because we believe that dev teams deserve up-to-date and high-quality documentation in order to understand code functionality, context, business logic, and all of the other nuances that can’t be explained using code comments or “self-documenting code.” 

But devs rarely have access to the documentation needed to get the job done. And that’s because the cost of manually maintaining documentation and keeping those docs up to date is an investment that doesn’t make sense. At least, it used to be.

Announcing support for GitLab

Today we’re excited to announce our latest integrations: we now support GitLab Enterprise Edition and GitLab Cloud. By expanding our compatibility with leading Git hosting platforms, we’re bringing our innovative approach to knowledge sharing and documentation to millions of GitLab users. 

Documentation + CI integration = a match made in heaven

When we began building Swimm, we knew we needed to engage with users at the optimal point – during pull requests. This is when engineers are already looking for checks and reviews in order to merge their code to production and deploy.

Integrating documentation into your CI workflow ensures that anytime code changes, your documentation automatically syncs to reflect the refactored code. With Swimm, code documentation never gets outdated. 

Swimm: your partner for code knowledge 

Integrating documentation into the CI workflow is just one of the ways Swimm benefits dev teams. Developers also use Swimm to:

Create code documentation that automatically stays up-to-date 

The Swimm editor enables developers to include live code snippets in documentation. Get started with templates, or use AI to generate doc structures and explanations of code snippets.

Discover documentation  

Swimm is also available in the IDE (we support VS Code and JetBrains). Discover existing documentation right next to the code and create new documents without ever leaving your IDE. You can also set doc discovery rules to automatically display relevant documentation based on specific conditions.

Getting started 

Swimm supports GitLab Cloud and GitLab Enterprise Edition (v16.2 and above). To get started, register for Swimm and create your account. 

  1. Register for Swimm 
  2. Select GitLab as your Git hosting platform