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Omer founded the Check Point Security Academy and was the Cyber Security Lead at ITC, an educational organization that trains talented professionals to develop careers in technology. Omer has a MA in Linguistics from Tel Aviv University and is the creator behind the Brief YouTube Channel.
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Gemini 1.5 cover
Gen AI
Our take on Google’s new Gemini 1.5 model 
Feb 29, 24 4 min read

The pace at which AI is evolving is incredible to see, with new breakthroughs...

Ask swimm blog cover
Gen AI
Meet /ask Swimm: Your teams’ contextual AI coding assistant 
Jan 17, 24 4 min read

GenAI has transformed nearly every aspect of software development, but one constant is here...

Context source code cover
Contextualizing AI: Source code
Jan 8, 24 6 min read

AI coding assistants have ushered in a new era of software development. They enable...

Context natural language cover
Contextualizing AI: Natural language 
Jan 8, 24 4 min read

In this series, we’re discussing the different types of context that help build AI...

Context documentation cover
Contextualizing AI: Documentation  
Jan 8, 24 5 min read

Previously (here and here), we explored the significance of context in AI Coding Assistants,...

AI without context cover
Gen AI
AI coding without context. What’s the point?
Dec 19, 23 4 min read

Large Language Models (LLMs) have emerged as powerful tools, adept at generating both natural...

1swimm + azure
New CI integration: Swimm for Azure DevOps Services
Oct 5, 23 2 min read

Azure DevOps is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure. Known for being a...

microservices blog cover
Surviving the transition to microservices
Sep 21, 23 4 min read

Choosing to transition from a monolithic structure to a microservices architecture is a significant...

2swimm + bitbucket
Announcing our latest integration with Bitbucket
Sep 14, 23 2 min read

As software systems become increasingly complex, understanding code functionality, context, and business logic has...

Swimm ChatGPT cover
Gen AI
LLMs and the Pitfalls of “Memorization Traps”
Sep 12, 23 4 min read

Large Language Models (LLMs) have garnered attention due to their remarkable abilities to produce...

Swimm + Gitlab
Docs as part of your CI: Swimm for GitLab
Aug 17, 23 2 min read

We built Swimm because we believe that dev teams deserve up-to-date and high-quality documentation...

Swimm Chat GPT
Gen AI
Understanding the Relationship Between LLMs and Negation
Aug 15, 23 6 min read

Negation has always been a challenge in the world of language. From toddlers to...