As software systems become increasingly complex, understanding code functionality, context, and business logic has become mission-critical. And in such intricate environments, accessible and valuable code documentation becomes indispensable.

Swimm now supports Bitbucket Cloud and Data Center

Swimm is thrilled to announce its latest integration: support for Bitbucket Data Center and Bitbucket Cloud. By expanding our compatibility to one of the leading Git hosting platforms powered by Atlassian, we are extending our innovative approach to knowledge sharing and code documentation to a vast community of Bitbucket users.

Code documentation as part of your CI 

When we started building Swimm, we knew we needed to reinvent how development teams engage with documentation. After all, what’s the point of creating documentation if developers lack an intelligent and efficient way to keep it up to date and readily accessible?

Our solution seamlessly integrates code documentation into the CI workflow. Developers now have the capability to create documentation that incorporates live code snippets. This integration ensures that documentation automatically synchronizes on every PR to accurately reflect any code changes.

Swimm: Your trusted partner for code knowledge

Integrating documentation into the CI workflow represents just one facet of how Swimm benefits development teams. Developers use Swimm for:

Creating documentation:

The Swimm editor is a powerful tool for doc creation. You can include live code snippets in your documents, and these snippets stay dynamically updated as part of your CI process. Alternatively, you can utilize AI to generate document structures and explanations for code snippets or simply start with a template.

Discovering code knowledge:

Swimm seamlessly integrates into your IDE (we support VS Code and JetBrains), enabling the discovery of existing documentation alongside your code, all within your development environment. Establish document discovery rules that automatically display relevant documentation based on specific conditions.

Keeping documentation up to date:

The Swimm Auto-sync algorithm notifies you when code changes impact existing documentation. We then automatically update documentation for you. 

Getting started is simple

Our integration currently supports Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Data Center (version 7.21.14 and above, and version 8 and above). Get started now:

  1. Register for Swimm
  2. Select Bitbucket as your Git hosting platform
  3. Click “Set up account”, and your account will be ready. Please note that Bitbucket requires additional setup from the Swimm team. You will be prompted to click on the “Schedule with an expert” link, or you can also click here.