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Work faster with legacy code

Unlock legacy code for the whole team. Eliminate weeks of code research involved in every task.

Make changes, fearlessly
Confidently update legacy code, with full visibility into how it impacts your system
Reduce costs by 34%
Enable your engineers to work faster on legacy code. Save on costly maintenance time and resources
Debug faster. Cut MTTR.
Resolve issues 53% faster and prevent repeated mistakes

Give your team the right tools to confidently work with legacy code

Knowledge fades over time
The original writers of the code have moved on, leaving new teams trying to make sense of it
Experience is a bottleneck
When you only trust certain developers to make changes in legacy systems
Stagnation is the default
The risks of updating legacy code lead organizations to maintain the status quo
Universally accessible code

Universally accessible code

Enable every developer to work confidently in unfamiliar legacy systems, with the information they need to accomplish tasks.

Automatically backfill documentation

Automatically backfill missing documentation

Effortlessly achieve 90% documentation coverage of legacy code. Easily add additional internal knowledge in the IDE or from a PR

Investigate bugs

Investigate bugs

Quickly orient developers in unfamiliar code. Ask specific questions to deep dive through the core issues. Keep accurate documents of investigations and surface them proactively to avoid repeating mistakes.

Join other Fortune 500 companies making legacy code accessible

Built for enterprise

Code and content never leaves your network. Also available as on premise. Swimm is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.
Swimm smoothly scales to thousands of developers and tens of millions of lines of code.
Support & services
Dedicated enterprise support and implementation teams.