If you’ve ever worked on a dev team and needed to document code or had a question about a part of the codebase, you know the drill: find the developers who know that part of the code, hope they’re still with the company and count on the fact that they might still remember their thought process when they wrote the code.

We started Swimm to help dev teams share knowledge about code so that every developer can quickly understand code and contribute to it.

Three years later, we are launching Swimm’s knowledge management tool for code. Dev teams can now easily create code documentation that can finally – once and for all – be trusted.

What Swimm is here to solve

  • End the scenario of documentation being lost on the sidelines: documentation is finally front and center in your IDE, integrated with your code.
  • Tightly couple docs with the code itself.
  • Break the vicious cycle of losing faith in the value of documentation, stopping to look for it, and not bothering to write it in the first place.

Why use a knowledge management tool for code?

  • Knowledge management is crucial to allow devs to do what they do best: code faster and more efficiently. With fewer frustrations. With fewer questions. With fewer interruptions to their workflow.
  • Access to knowledge about code increases market value in terms of product scalability, onboarding efficiency, internal alignment, technical debt, and reputational cost.

On Swimm’s dock

Our promise is to make all code easy to understand and our launch today is only the beginning. We have a lot more planned and we continue to prioritize features based on feedback from you, our users. Don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us what you need.