Release notes 0.3.8 - text blocks, Playlist editor and snippet studio upgrade

New features:

  • With the new Playlist Editor simply click the plus sign to add Units, Docs or Links - and you're good to go! Preview how your Playlist will look like as you create it.

Our new Playlist editor

  • New Text Blocks will enable customizing your Unit and Docs in between snippets. Simply reorder them by dragging and dropping.
  • Introduced swimm coverage - a new CLI command allowing you to measure Swimm docs coverage on across your repository(s).


  • Within-app links - now you can just embed a link to any Unit/Playlist (as done so far), and we will make sure it is open within the app without going to the browser and back to the app.
  • It is now possible to invite multiple users using a semi colon ;
  • Save time with the Snippet Studio 2.0 and quickly locate your files making it easier to select code snippets.

Improved Snippet studio

Adding text in a walkthrough

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed - Repo name won't refresh

Next version:

  • Swimm Insights