We are delighted to share the great news that Swimm is an official Compass Integration Partner alongside New Relic, Inc.LaunchDarklyAmazon Web Services (AWS)Snyk, and CircleCI.

The announcement was made at Atlassian’s Team 22 Event in Las Vegas. We are honored that this collaboration brings Swimm to Compass’ ecosystem, enabling development velocity, cross-team collaboration, and engineering onboarding.

Compass x Swimm – navigating distributed architecture

Compass is Atlassian’s developer experience platform that helps engineering teams navigate their distributed architecture, bringing disconnected information about developer output and the team collaborating on them together in a central, searchable location.

Compass is mission control for your distributed architecture. And through their integration with Swimm, Compass users can now easily see Swimm documentation that relates to their different services and ensure that the documentation is updated continuously. This is a far-reaching and transformative step for Swimm in bringing code-coupled documentation to engineering teams worldwide.

How to access Swimm from Compass

Developer and engineering teams can now access Swimm’s beta directly from Compass in Atlassian’s developer experience platform. With Compass, you will get that overview that gives you the roadmap – linking documentation, tracking it using Swimm’s GitHub App, and reporting the status back to Compass so that you’ll know if any of your documentation is out of date.

With Swimm’s One-Click setup, you can immediately add a link to all of your repositories that are documented with Swimm, and they will be automatically tracked so you can see if your documentation is out of date.

Swimm Official Compass Integration Partner

Bottom line

Compass users can now easily see Swimm documentation that relates to their different services, ensuring that documentation is updated continuously.

Plus, learn more about Swimm’s community channel and how Swimm’s platform can make Continuous Documentation a part of your developer team workflow. We are seeing it happen on the ground – and with code-coupled documentation, you’ll never look back!

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