We’re pleased to announce  a pivotal moment in Swimm’s evolution – the launch of Swimm AI Beta. This cutting-edge update fuses our robust documentation capabilities with advanced Generative AI technology, thereby significantly enhancing Large Language Model (LLM) applications in organizational knowledge management.

Swimm AI Beta affects every aspect of our ecosystem of documentation tools, and introduces a host of exciting features that will revolutionize how you manage and share your organization’s code knowledge.

Here’s what’s new:

1. AI-Powered document generation

Staring at a blank canvas will no longer hinder your productivity. The new Swimm AI feature offers you AI-based suggestions to structure and enhance your documents. Generate headers and full sections effortlessly, with an AI assistant that learns and adapts as you modify text or add code snippets.

2. Transforming PRs into comprehensive documents

With just one click, Swimm AI can interpret your PR and write an insightful document outlining the modifications made to the repository. Once the AI-generated draft is ready, you can review and fine-tune details to ensure accuracy and clarity.

3. Embrace efficiency with AI-Generated doc rules

Swimm AI takes a leap forward with the addition of AI-created Doc Rules. This functionality synergizes your codebase with corresponding documentation using regex-based rules, so that documents appear next to relevant code when devs need them most. This brings a new level of organization, accessibility, and visibility to your workflows.

4. Enhance your documentation with AI-assisted improvements

Using Swimm AI, you can easily enhance your document by selecting text and choosing “Improve with AI.” This one-click feature clarifies your writing, corrects spelling and grammar errors, and more, leading to clear, professional communication.

5. AI-assisted code explanations

Integrating Swimm AI brings you an innovative slash command feature that can provide clear explanations for your code snippets, both within the IDE and your individual docs. This AI-enabled capability bridges the gap between coding and documentation, enhancing your efficiency and comprehension.

The Swimm AI beta is a game changer

We understand that embracing new technology can come with questions, and we’re here to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. To assist with this, we have created a comprehensive video walkthrough and a product update webinar for Swimm AI. These resources are designed to answer your questions and guide you on your journey with this transformative technology.

This is only the first release of Swimm AI – stay tuned for the future, we have great plans.

The beta launch of Swimm AI reaffirms our commitment to revolutionizing the way organizations manage their knowledge. We’re excited to see how you leverage this technology to drive efficiency and innovation within your teams. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and enhance our offerings.