Announcing the Swimm GitHub app

Code documentation is broken. It becomes outdated the moment it’s created, which can lead to developers losing faith in its usefulness over time. This is the result of the nature of code: it’s constantly evolving.

Swimm enables dev teams to streamline the creation and maintenance of internal code documentation that can be shared across teams and repositories.

As a developer myself, I understand the importance of timing when it comes to interacting with users. When we first developed Swimm, our goal was to find the sweet spot where developers are most receptive – the window of opportunity where they are actively seeking checks, reviews, and comments. So naturally, we chose GitHub, the place where more than 100 million developers build, maintain, and contribute to software projects.

On that note, I’m excited to share that the Swimm GitHub App is now available in the GitHub Marketplace.

Swimm + GitHub

The Swimm GitHub App integrates internal documentation into your CI, ensuring that your documentation stays up to date with the pace of development. It enables you to create and find documentation easily, and automatically updates it as changes occur.

Once Swimm is enabled on your repositories, our patented Auto-sync algorithm runs automatically on every pull request, scanning existing docs to compare them with updates in the code you just pushed. Minor changes (variable name or parameter value change, for example) are automatically updated without intervention. We will only notify you if there is a significant change that requires your attention.

Product Autosync Demo

With GitHub, we’re able to solve one of the biggest challenges dev teams face daily: keeping internal documentation up to date.

Check out the Swimm documentation ecosystem in action:

Dev teams deserve better internal docs

Using the Swimm GitHub App:

  1. Create and share documentation – about any part of your codebase – that is always up to date.
  2. Bring documentation into your development environment and stop searching for documentation that is probably out of date.
  3. Utilize AI to explain complex patterns or describe interactions between different blocks of code across multiple services and repositories.
  4. Improve the developer experience with documentation that shows you how to work with and contribute to someone else’s code.

Learn more and get support

Swimm is the only code documentation tool built for developers. We enable dev teams to easily create documentation integrated with code, automatically updated, and that prompts you when you need it most with IDE plugins for VS Code and JetBrains.

Access our quick start guide here or check out our documentation to learn more. You can also find video tutorials and walkthroughs on our YouTube channel.

Get the Swimm GitHub App today.