We’re excited to announce the availability of 0.4.8! At Swimm, we’re devoted to bringing you the best possible editing experience, because less friction between the knowledge we have and the knowledge we share means better documentation overall. Here are the highlights:

New snippet studio drawer with multiple tabs

Selecting snippets is now much more seamless through the new Snippet Studio Drawer. It’s easy to keep focus and look ahead at the code that you need to document, in the context of the narrative that you’re creating:

Snippet Studio Drawer

It’s now easier than ever before to keep your documentation solidly coupled to your code, because it’s now easier than ever before to switch between relevant files. Front-end developers will appreciate the ease that they can pick from code, styles and JS, and back-end / systems folks will appreciate the ease of managing modules, headers and makefiles. The more snippets you have, the tighter things are coupled.

Our approach to great documentation depends on removing as much friction in this process as possible; this release is a great step in that direction.

Gitlab integration

New in the integrations section is the configuration you’ll need to get Swimm inserted into your Gitlab CI workflow:

Gitlab Integration

Swimm succeeds where other documentation strategies have not because it can be enforced through continuous documentation at the continuous integration level. If you’re not using a CI server, or if it’s difficult for you to inject more tests to run at that level, you can use pre-commit to run the verification checks locally. Using Swimm, you can take advantage of things you can do on your own to bring up your documentation standards.

Performance upgrades

Our engineers have been busy tuning up a lot of things under the hood. You’ll feel the results of them obsessing over details with the editor and snippet selection responding faster, and verification completing sooner. We treat performance as a feature and never lose sight of working to take away friction when it comes to documentation.

Would you like to try these features yourself? Let us know if you are considering¬†signing up for a free product demo! There’s no sales or credit card required. All we need to do is give you a brief orientation while things are still rough around the edges. You’re also invited to¬†join our community Slack, where our Swimm Team developers hang out.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you there!