We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of Swimm 0.4.4 to the participants in our private beta program! 0.4.4 implements many improvements to the flow of creating your documentation, making sure it stays in sync, and even easier to read, right where you need it!

Swimm with the flow

The editing flow, that is! We’re working hard to make sure that your hands stay on your keys while you’re cranking away at your documentation. When you feature a snippet, it’s now easier than ever to create the perfect narrative about it with code autocomplete automatically pulling in the names of the objects you referenced:

And since you’ll be Swimming along so fast, we wouldn’t want formatting to trip you up or slow you down. That’s why now, markdown formatting is only applied after spaces.

Finally, it’s good to know who has been writing all of that great documentation! Swimm now shows its author (under the title of the doc):

Markdown export available in IDE plugins

We’ve been hard at work implementing one of the most requested features: exporting of documentation that you create through Swimm into standard Markdown format. We’re not close to finished with a complete implementation, but we’re far enough along that our IDE plugins can now expose it.

To enable it, go to any repository in any workspace and click on “Integrations”, then select the top option to enable markdown export:

Once enabled, your documents will be exported to markdown in .swm/swm_md/ – which will automatically be used for VSCode previews (and soon, other IDE integrations).

More granular control and tools are planned very soon – we’ll announce them as they’re ready!

Verify documentation at pre-commit

If you haven’t heard of it, pre-commit is a framework that helps you manage pre-commit hooks in powerful ways. Pre-commit hooks are typically much like checks that run on continuous integration servers, the difference is that they’re designed to run on your machine. Using pre-commit hooks, you can resolve many common problems ahead of the actual pull request and review, which saves everyone time.

We think that this is also a fantastic time to run checks to see how documentation is doing! We’ve implemented hooks in this repository; see the README for instructions on how to install and enable the checks.

If you’re using a build system we don’t currently support, reach out to us and let us know! For general questions about how to insert Swimm checks into your build process, our DevRel Tim created a gist on the state of how to do that so far.

Many bug fixes and other improvements are included in this release as well.

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