As engineers, we love automation. It frees up our time and allows us to work on more meaningful tasks. Docs as Code is a way to automate the documentation process, and it comes with many upsides: you automatically get version control, access control, and have the docs alongside your code. On the other hand, Docs as Code comes with a price – for example, you have to treat your docs as code and follow all rules for every Pull Request, even if that doesn’t really make sense.

On that note, our team at Swimm is happy to announce our integration with gitStream!

Swimm’s integration with gitStream (powered by LinearB) allows you to treat PRs consisting only of Swimm Docs differently.

What is gitStream?

gitStream is a workflow automation tool that enables you to use YAML configuration files to optimize the code review process. Furthermore, you can add context to PRs, find code experts for reviews, and automate the merge process in order to maximize developer productivity.

gitStream is highly configurable and extensive, and this is only the first step of the Swimm integration with gitStream. This step enables a better PR experience when it comes to updating your internal documentation.

gitStream + Swimm = better Docs PR process

Our integration with gitStream allows you to automatically approve PRs that consist of changes to Swimm files only. This way, if a developer decides to modify a document (and nothing else), they can go ahead and merge the PR without waiting.

Learn more about the integration here.

Bottom line

With gitStream, you can create a better experience around PRs that include changes to docs only. We look forward to having additional integrations with gitStream in the future. If you wish to explore the new technology Platform Engineering teams are using to create compound efficiency gains by shifting CI/CD workflow automation left, register for this LinearB webinar today.

And If you’d like to see Swimm’s gitStream integration up close, sign up for a 1:1 demo.